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Friday, February 24, 2006

Peggy's First Podcast

Yesterday, I participated in my first podcast:

Peer Review in the Google Age: Is technology changing the way science is done and evaluated?

Four of us were involved in the discussion:
Jean-Claude Bradley, E-Learning Coordinator for the College of Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor of Chemistry, Drexel University
Peggy Dominy and Jay Bhatt, Librarians at Hagerty Library, Drexel University
Heather Morrison, Librarian at Simon Fraser University

During the discussion, it was mentioned that we, in fact, use a form of peer review through our blogs in the structure of comments and responces. In the sciences, this is particularly helpful to prevent an experimental failure or to point a colleague in a more productive direction. Rather than have the peer review after a paper is submitted, we have a sort of 'pre' peer review on research that develops into papers.

I was interested to see the blog entry on the ACRL site:
Do Academic Librarians On The T-Track Blog
Here is a thoughtful argument about blogs along with the interactivity of commenting (peer review?) might actually be helpful to the academic librarian on the tenure track.

So is peer review broken or is it evolving? I guess we'll see.


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